A few years ago I decided I wanted to document every single episode from the television series ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS and THE ALFRED HITCHCOCK HOUR, so I set up this website. Unfortunately I became distracted with other projects and spent very little time here. But in 2020 I began getting interested in this project again and resumed documenting the episodes. Slowly but surely I am building this site and redesigning it so that it looks suitable for others to spend some time here browsing through its pages. I hope to cover Hitch's feature films too at a later stage, but one thing at a time.
If you want to take a look through the ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS series, particularly series 2, you will see where I am up to. I will be adding more pages and reviews all the time, plus going back to series 1 and gradually adding those in as well. Some pages look a bit odd at the moment, but I will be fixing them and bringing them all up to date as soon as I can.
So for now, bear with me as I tidy up the site and add some exciting new features along the way.

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