Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date: October 23, 1955
Time: - mins - secs
Rating: 7/10

Director: Robert Stevenson
Teleplay: -
Based on a story by -
Director of photography: -
Art director: -
Editorial supervisor: -
Editor: -
Music supervisor: -

A middle-aged couple facing eviction and financial worries devise a scheme to defraud an insurance company out of a $25,000 policy which they can claim after seven years when the wife can legally be declared as deceased. The husband (Sidney Blackmer) sends his wife (Virginia Gregg) to Los Angeles to get her out of the way until after the long duration, but in her absence the insurance rep becomes increasingly suspicious and accuses the husband of her murder. Seven years later the husband is now able to claim the insurance despite the persecution of the insurance rep. All seems to be going to plan until the wife returns unexpectedly and demands a divorce due to her husband's apparent neglect of her.

[he appears standing in front of a chair].


Episode 4 of Season 1.
Personal opinion
"As the tension begins to rise the viewer can be forgiven for suspecting that the husband will finally get rid of the snooping insurance rep, or maybe the wife will get her revenge on the husband for neglecting her for so long. A good episode."
He kills her and buries her in the garden and for all intents and purpose looks to have got away with it until the insurance rep shows up and starts digging up the garden as a gesture of peace after all the years of hounding the husband. Ooops.

Sidney Blackmer
Frank Partridge
Virginia Gregg
Mildred Partridge
Robert Emhardt
Mr. Kettle
Irene Tedrow
Lucy, sister-in-law
Edna Holland


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