Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date: October 30, 1955
Time: - mins - secs
Rating: 7/10

Director: Don Medford
Teleplay: -
Based on a story by -
Director of photography: -
Art director: -
Editorial supervisor: -
Editor: -
Music supervisor: -

Hitchcock's daughter Patricia leads as a young lady who arrives in Paris late one night with her tired mother. After checking into a hotel a doctor sends Miss WInthrop (Hitchcock) into town to pick up medicine for her sick mother but when she returns none of the hotel staff remember her. The next morning she seeks help from the embassy and one of the representatives, Basil Farnham (Geoffrey Toone) takes charge of the matter. It's starting to look as though the woman is having some sort of breakdown until she discovers a big clue which reveals her sanity is indeed intact.

[he appears standing in front of a chair].


Episode 5 of Season 1.
In the introduction, Alfred Hitchcock references the film "The Lady Vanishes" - a film he himself directed. In the epilogue, he makes one final remark about "I thought the leading lady was rather good, didn't you?"
Personal opinion
"As each episode passes, the viewer begins to expect a twist ending and spends twenty minutes trying to figure out the possibilities. Well, I can safely say I don't think anybody saw this ending coming!"
The mother suddenly dies of bubonic plague and after the French government learned of it, they ordered a cover-up.

Patricia Hitchcock
Diana Winthrop
Geoffrey Toone
Basil Farnham
Alan Napier
Sir Everett
Maurice Marsac
Mary Forbes
Mrs. Winthrop
Ann Codee
Doctor's wife
Gerry Gaylor
John Mylong
Albert D'Arno
Peter Camlin
Jack Chefe
Michael Hadlow


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