Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Series 2, Episode 4

   Herschel Daugherty
   Hume Cronyn, Carmen Mathews
   21 October 1956
   24m 25s

Kill With Kindness
Fitz Oldham and his sister Katherine are bird lovers. Somewhat. As they peer out of their window at what appears to be a rare bird, Katherine spots an elderly gentlemen in the park whom she thinks is a nice man simply because he is a bird lover. The couple quarrel over Fitz's butterfly collection before Katherine goes out to talk to the elderly man in the park. Taking pity on him she invites him back to her house for dinner but something doesn't seem right.
Mr. Jorgy introduces himself as the hungry guest and is shown into the living room and to Fitz's butterfly collection whilst Katherine heats the dinner. Jorgy appears at first to be sceptical of the strangers' act of kindness towards him as Fitz turns on some charm when questioning the man over his family and current life situation. At this point it appears to the viewer that the brother and sister have some sinister plans for this man!
The siblings resume their squabbling in front of their guest when Katherine instructs Fitz to kill a moth that has entered the room. Fitz announces that if they could find a substitute for his corpse then they could claim on a life insurance on him which is in his sister's name. So now we know what they're up to. When Jorgy tries to leave they keep him there with the lure of a new suit and shoes and a bed for the night. Katherine attends to Jorgy upstairs whilst Fitz prepares the kerosene down in the basement. The pair go over their plan to set fire to the house with their guest in it. Katherine prepares some warm milk for Jorgy and sets the devious plan in motion but when she starts the fire Fitz has forgotten an important detail of the plan. The ring...
[Hitch is tied to a stake] "Good evening. Television fans can be so demonstrative and unpredictable. At the time this happened I was under the impression I was being put on a pedestal. My wife's not going to like this. She's always telling me not to leave my ashes on the floor. [Hitch lights a cigarette and begins to smoke it] Tonight we present a very warm little story called 'Kill With Kindness'. Reception seems to be rather bad tonight. Is your screen clouding up? Mine is. I think we'd better run a test film first. If you have no difficulty in seeing it we will show you our story."

[there is smoke everywhere] "I thought I'd better get out of there. I just remembered that my tumbrel is double-parked. I shall return next week at the same time to bring you another story and to relate the further adventures of Alfred Hitchcock. Good night."

Oh no. I was so hoping it wasn't going to come down to it in the end.... but fortunately it wasn't the ending I was expecting. At least there was some justice in that the scheming siblings ended up with nothing to show for their act of deviousness. Some black humour in this episode too.
Fitz and Katherine lure a complete stranger into their home with the sole intention of killing him and making it look like it is Fitz who has died in order to claim on a life insurance.

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Fitzhugh Oldham... HUME CRONYN
Katherine Oldham... CARMEN MATHEWS
Neighbor... MARGIE LISZT
Fireman... MIKE RAGAN

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