Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date: October 9, 1955
Time: 25 mins 01 secs
Rating: 6/10

Director: Robert Stevens
Teleplay: -
Based on a story by -
Director of photography: -
Art director: -
Editorial supervisor: -
Editor: -
Music supervisor: -

Kim Stanger (John Forsythe) is a troubled man who returns to the States from Europe only to find that his estranged father has died and there appears to be a conspiracy among his family to conceal the truth about what happened. As he grows increasingly agitated, he seeks out to unravel the story of his father's death despite his brother and sister-in-law advising him to leave it alone.

[he appears standing in front of a chair].


Episode 2 of Season 1.
Personal opinion
"Quite a slow-paced episode which builds to a fairly obvious climax. Second episode in the series maintains the suspense and outcome guessing game throughout, though the predictable ending does feel a bit of a cheap conclusion."
Kim tracks down his father's hunting lodge, deep in the mountains and is confronted by his sister-in-law, who tells him the truth: Kim killed his father during an argument and was later committed to an asylum for it and had been suffering from amnesia ever since the incident.

John Forsythe
Kim Stanger
Cloris Leachman
Susan Stanger
Warren Stevens
Perry Stanger
George Macready
Douglas Irwin
Percy Helton
Gerald Eaton
Harry Tyler
Isaiah Dobbs
Paul Brinegar


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