Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date: October 2, 1955
Time: 25 mins 09 secs
Rating: 7/10

Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Teleplay: Francis Cockrell
Based on a story by Samuel Blas
Director of photography: John L. Russell
Art director: Martin Obzina
Editorial supervisor: Richard G. Wray
Editor: Edward W. Williams
Music supervisor: Stanley Wilson

A married couple (Ralph Meeker, Vera Miles) move to a trailer park by the coast after Elsa (Miles) suffers a breakdown. As Carl (Meeker) drives off to work he leaves his wife alone in the trailer. When he returns later in the day she is practically unconscious in the bedroom and tells of an intruder who assaulted her. The police are called but the detectives are unable to find any evidence of a crime. Carl drives Elsa into town on the doctor's advice but during the journey Elsa sees the man who attacked her and points him out to her husband. Carl parks the car and follows the man (Ray Montgomery) into a hotel, armed with a spanner.

[he appears standing in front of a chair].
"Good evening. I'm Alfred Hitchcock and tonight I am presenting the first in a series of stories of suspense and mystery called, oddly enough, 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents'. I shall not act in these stories but will only make appearances; something in the nature of an accessory before and after the fact. To give the title to those of you who can't read and to tidy up afterwards for those of you who don't understand the endings. Tonight's playlet is really a sweet little story. It is called 'Revenge'. It will follow... [he turns to his left and pauses] Oh dear, I see the actors won't be ready for another sixty seconds. However, thanks to our sponsor's remarkable foresight we have a message that will fit in here nicely."

"Well they were a pathetic couple. We had intended to call that one 'Death Of A Salesman' but there were protests from certain quarters. Naturally Elsa's husband was caught, indicted, tried, convicted, sentenced and paid his debt to society for taking the law into his own hands. You see, crime does not pay; not even on television. You must have a sponsor. Here's ours after which I will return. [fade to black] That was beautifully put. In fact after hearing that there's nothing more I wish to add. So good night until next week."

Episode 1 of Season 1.
This was the very first episode of the series.
The numbers on Carl's license plate add up to 13. Hitch used this joke in some of his films as well.
Most sources wrongly list Herbert Lytton as a police lieutenant. This is wrong; he plays the desk clerk in the hotel at the end.

Personal opinion
"For a first episode in a brand new tv series, this is pretty darn good! Hitchcock directed the episode himself and is pretty generous in his sexually provocative shots of the beautiful Vera Miles throughout, with a series of tantalising shots of her legs! The twist ending was to become a trait of the show, which leaves the viewers trying to guess what the plot twist would be, and often we'd get it wrong!"
When Carl gets back into the car he is satisfied he has exacted revenge for his wife's attack. As Carl drives off, Elsa points out a second stranger on the sidewalk and claims *he* is the man who attacked her. Police sirens signal the end for Carl. Elsa is mentally disturbed.

Ralph Meeker
Carl Spann
Vera Miles
Elsa Spann
Frances Bavier
Mrs. Ferguson
Ray Montgomery
Man in grey suit
John Gallaudet
Ray Teal
Police lieutenant
Norman Willis
Police lieutenant
John Day
Lillian O'Malley
Hotel maid
Herbert Lytton
Hotel desk clerk


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