Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date: October 16, 1955
Time: 25 mins 01 secs
Rating: 6/10

Director: Don Medford
Teleplay: -
Based on a story by -
Director of photography: -
Art director: -
Editorial supervisor: -
Editor: -
Music supervisor: -

Two angry men, Dell (Gene Barry) and Red (Darren McGavin) hold up in a small cabin in the rain both with the intention of killing the other after an argument the previous night over a game of poker. With itchy trigger fingers, they stare each other out over the breakfast table as they are served ham and eggs by the cook (Ellen Corby) who tells them both she will be a witness to their murder and will hold the man who first draws his gun responsible. As the clock ticks towards noon, neither man is willing to draw first but they agree to shoot the other at the sound of the cuckoo clock striking noon. With less than 30 seconds to go before 12, the clock suddenly stops and the two men leave without a shot being fired.

[he appears standing in front of a chair].


Episode 3 of Season 1.
Personal opinion
"This was quite tedious at times, and you did kind of wonder where the twist was coming from. The two men quite simply look silly standing there daring the other to draw his gun. The ending is a big disappointment and somewhat unconvincing... and a bit convenient!"
The cuckoo clock stops because a large crucifix on the same shelf which is keeping the balance of the clock functioning properly is removed by the cook, thus causing the clock to become unbalanced.

Gene Barry
Dell Delaney
Darren McGavin
Red Hillman
Ellen Corby
Casey MacGregor


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