Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Series 1, Episode 36

   Robert Stevenson
   Ruth Hussey, Vinton Hayworth
   03 June 1956
   24m 50s

We begin with an aerial shot of Palm Beach - "where the sun spends the winter and people spend fortunes to be in it". A wealthy English author, Randy Burnside, is visiting the resort in search of subjects for a book he is writing. He mingles among the guests at a hotel where he sees one of the guests, Howard Cole blatantly flirting with an attractive young Hollywood starlet right under the nose of his unperturbed wife, Irene. As Burnside sits with Irene and two elderly patrons, Cecelia and Colonel Blair, it is suggested Irene simply puts up with it because she is in love with him. Irene explains to them that her husband's behaviour does not bother her.
Later that evening the ensemble are introduced to the handsome Prince Burhan, who takes an immediate liking to Irene whom he asks for a dance. During the dance His Highness asks Irene to lunch the following day which she accepts. The next morning Cecilia and the Colonel observe several bouquets of red roses being delivered to the Prince's room, commenting that the romance is bewildering as to why a handsome, wealthy young prince would be attracted to an ordinary housewife? At that moment they are interrupted by Irene's husband who is on his way to a game of tennis with Donna, his little floozie. They ask if he is concerned about his wife spending so much time with the Prince, but he is perfectly happy about the situation.
The Prince sits with Irene holding hands and tells her how special she is to him despite the fact she is married. He proposes to make her the happiest woman in the world before leaving her to consider his offer. Confused by him, Irene confides in Burnside who tells her to enjoy the attention given to her by the Prince.
That evening Irene is in the company of the Prince once more when their affections become more intimate. The Prince presses for her to divorce her husband and marry him instead, but she resists and tells him that she loves her husband despite being obviously overwhelmed by the Prince's attention. She bravely tells him that they should not see each other again, to which the Prince threatens to kill himself. Once again Burnside comes to Irene's aide and tells her that had she taken up the Prince's offer she wouldn't have been able to keep him for very long based on his reputation. The next morning the newspapers report that the Prince has died in an apparent suicide in his car.
Months later, Burnside is in Jamaica on his way to see his publisher when he stops off at the scene of the crime. At the hotel, he tells the host that his new book is based on Prince Burhan. The host reveals that the real reason the Prince wanted to kill himself was because he was bankrupt - and not because of Irene and the only reason the Prince was interested in Irene was because of her money. Also, the Prince's death was not suicide but an accident due to the mechanic of the car disabling the brakes on it. When Burnside learns of these facts he feels it is only fair to tell Irene so that she doesn't think she had anything to do with the Prince's death so he flies to New York to tell her.
He finds her in good health and spoilt by her husband; a complete change from the woman he knew before the whole affair with the Prince. She is happy and glowing - and all because she believes that the Prince killed himself over her, giving her a precious legacy. In the end Burnside decides against telling Irene the truth.
[Hitch is behind bars and using a small hacksaw blade to try and cut his way through one of the bars. The camera then pulls back to reveal a sign which reads DO NOT FEED] "Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage. But they help. They help. Actually this my doctor's idea. When he says strict diet, he means strict diet, The saw came in the traditional way. Inside a cake. Have you ever had a piece of calorie-less cake? I should have eaten the saw and used the cake to bludgeon my way out. However, I do not want to concern you with my petty problems but with those with Paula Hudson. Paula was one of those persons who had never spent a day in jail or even been given a parking ticket. Then one day she found herself at the wrong end of the finger of suspicion. You will see Paula's story in a moment. It is called 'Mink' from the fur of the same name."

"So much for the case of the stolen stole. I think I'll give up my diet. Exercise - that's it! I think I'll take up sports again. I'm quite an athlete you know. I particularly excel in chess, falconry, wife-beating, that sort of thing. Thank you for coming, please call again. Our next visiting hours will be just one week from tonight. Good night"

Surprisingly this has a happy ending, albeit with a strangely confusing last line from the detective.

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Paula Hudson... RUTH HUSSEY
Sgt. Bradford... VIVI JANISS
Leslie Ronalds... ANTHONY EUSTREL
Furrier assistant... PAUL BURNS
Dolores Dawn... EUGENIA PAUL
Lucille... VEDA ANN BORG
Charlie Harper... JAMES McCALLION

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