Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Series 2, Episode 5

   Robert Stevens
   Hurd Hatfield, Mildred Dunnock, K.T. Stevens
   28 October 1956
   25m 05s

None Are So Blind
Seymour Johnston (Hurd Hatfield) is a bitter young man with a failing antiques shop, desperate to get his hands on money which he feels ought to have been given to him after his father died but instead it was awarded to his aunt. He spends the weekend with the aunt trying to convince her to give him some of the money but she flatly refuses. Knowing that he will inherit the money from her when she dies he formulates a plan to murder her.
One afternoon whilst dining, Seymour picks up a wallet from the floor and finds a drivers' licence in it. This gives him the idea. At the shop, Seymour's girlfriend Liza (K.T. Stevens) tells him she is growing tired of waiting for the aunt to die and she wants her share of the fortune now (the cheek of it!) Seymour explains that by using the name on the license he found - Bertani, he will create an identity of a person who will carry out the murder of his aunt. Himself. Liza laughs at him and the idea. Having now brought Liza into his confidence and judging by her reaction to his plan, Seymour also concludes that she too will have to be killed. After acquiring the necessary items needed for his disguise Seymour Johnston becomes Antonio Bertani, complete with wig and moustache.... and gun.
Seymour drives to his aunt's house in a car which he purchased as Bertani. There, he tries to charm his aunt with compliments but she sees through it and puts him down. She tells him that she knows he sent her a threatening ransom for money by the name of Antonio Bertani. When Seymour is forced into a corner he does the only thing left to do and kill her there and then before quickly leaving the room and running upstairs. The maid comes to investigate the disturbance and Seymour acts innocent when he 'discovers' the body on the floor.
The police are called and come to the house as planned by Seymour, but the detective withholds a key piece of evidence from Seymour which is only revealed in the final scene, leading to Seymour's demise.
[Hitch is sitting in front of a mirror wearing a wig] "Good evening. The entertainment industry is always crying out for new faces. I've decided to give them one. Not that there's anything wrong with the old one. In fact I think it's rather good. [Hitch looks into the mirror and it cracks]. Well it could have been worse - what if I had cracked? [He looks through some items on the desk] Let's see, here's the one. [Puts on a different wig and glasses.] I've always wanted to be someone else. That won't do; I look like a near-sighted half rug. By odd coincidence we have a story about a man who decided to be someone other than himself, and by an equally odd coincidence it is rehearsed and ready to start. Here it is..."

[Hitch is standing in front of the mirror now wearing a hat and ridiculous moustache.] "Poor Seymour. It couldn't have happened to a more deserving person. [He takes off the hat and moustache] Um, I've decided not to be someone else after all. If I won't be myself who will? However, allow me to indulge my exhibitionist tendencies with this quick change demonstration. The Alfred Hitchcock of today [he turns away from the camera and rubs his face aggressively then turns to the camera again]. The Alfred Hitchcock of thirty years ago. The secret of this transformation is quite simple: I just removed my wallet. And now I shall remove myself. But soon, I shall return with another story. Good night."

Hurd Hatfield is too stiff and self-loving to want to warm to. You know he is up to no good and the viewer's intrigue is mildly maintained but for some reason I didn't really care in the end. Some unusually good humour thrown in too with hints of witty dialogue scattered throughout the episode, particularly with Liza in the shop but in general I found the episode to be quite bland and despite the reveal at the end, I wasn't altogether overwhelmed with any excitement or shock. It was 'okay' but nothing more.
Seymour has a large birth mark on his face, which is unseen throughout the episode because he always covers it up, but we don't know that until the end when it is revealed by the detective. After you know this, it will make you want to watch the whole thing again just to check and see if you missed it! On the plus side, at least Seymour let his aunt finish doing the jigsaw puzzle before he killed her! When Seymour later turns the body over, the aunt's eyes are open (and move), but in the next shot they are closed. I wish she'd make up her mind!

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Seymour Johnston... HURD HATFIELD
Aunt Muriel Drummond... MILDRED DUNNOCK
Liza... K.T. STEVENS
Police detective... RUSTY LANE

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